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Dayna Decker

Dayna Decker
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DayNa Decker

Style visionary and trendsetting innovator, DayNa Decker infuses daily life experiences with inimitable designs of modern sensuality. Her ingenious eye for seductive luxury and decadent sophistication was developed through years of international travel as a Ford model immersed in the worlds of fashion, art and culture. Born into a family of entrepreneurs from the design and wellness industries, her creative expression and savvy business sense run through her veins. With an obsession for originality and perfection, her innovations reveal the most pure, most modern and most provocative multisensory products showcased. Daring and exceptional in her vision and drive, DayNa is one of few designers who attain the elusive ambition of truly melding wellness, elegance and function seamlessly.

Modern. Seductive. Luxury. This is the essence of DayNa Decker Environments. Take your inhibitions and leave them by the door. Prepare yourself for a completely unique experience. You will be intrigued, you will be tantalized, and you will be aroused by the multisensory pleasures. DayNa Decker Environments juxtaposes glamorous elegance with clean edged minimalism enveloped in style and well-being.

DayNa Decker had a vision to revolutionize ambiance through the progression of sight, sound, smell and function. Driven by a passion that illuminating objects, home accessories and fragrance systems should be more sophisticated, multisensory, longer lasting and environmentally harmonious, DayNa Decker Environments was founded. With products of purity and balance, furnished in the context of luxury and fashion, DayNa Decker Environments soothes the soul, enhances an atmosphere, seduces your senses and calm the effects of life's daily distractions.


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