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The Company - D.L. & Co., was born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and exquisite. Every item designed is in­tended to unfold like a love letter, each detail re­vealing a procession of small delights. Like the pur­veyors of curious goods in previous ages, every item is intended to stir and enthrall each and every one of the senses, from the sleek feel of the carefully se­lected silk ribbons to the intoxicating atmospheres of the handmade fragrances. douglas little’s love of rare botanica, arcane curiosities and long-for­gotten sensations compel him to offer these modern heirlooms.The Box - Stitched in Burmese silk, these carefully crafted containers recall the boxes that held cufflinks and collars in a glorious day gone by. Your candle is enclosed in a satin ribbon imported from France, chosen for its exquisite sheen and weight.
The Tissue - The meticulous interior of each box ensures your candle a long life, preserving fragrance as its flame slumbers, nestled in a cool embrace of hand – pleated tissue imported from switzerland, exclusively dyed for d.l. & co.

The Bowl - Evoking the sublime vessels that flourished at the turn of the century until the middle of the 20th century, it recalls the art deco’s penchant for organic yet stylized contours. the bowl is created from fine grade australian sand, selected for its clarity, weight and ability to display an intense hue.

The Wax - DL candles are comprised of a patented blend of soy, maple, and palm waxes. many of which are used for luxury body cremes and lotions. one immediately feels the difference in the wax when one runs a finger into the skin upon contact.

DL's Modern Alchemy candles are inspired by the medieval pursuit to transform base metals into gold through combination of magic and science. Utilizing the rarest oil extracts, essences and absolutes, DL's Modern Alchemy candle line encompasses fragrances that conjure time and place, transforming environments from the mundane to the sublime. 

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