Francois Rance Luxurious Sandalwood Soap - 125g ea
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Francois Rance Luxurious Sandalwood Soap - 125g ea
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Francois Rance Luxurious Sandalwood Soap 6 x 125g ea

Item#: Rance-classic-soap


The founder Franeois Rance designed this luxurous sandalwood and Oriental woods soaps for men. This collection dates back to the early 1800's. The six 125g soaps are presented in a handmade Tortoiseshell paper box with gold overlay at $57.97. The soaps are white with the signature of the founder on the face of each soap. These soaps are hydrating enough to also be used for shaving.

RANCE"" Italian Milled Soap for Men. Six Luxurious Soaps in a Burlwood Designed Box. Can Be Sold Separately or Added to Any Gift Arrangement. Since 1795, the Rance family has dedicated itself to the development of the finest fragrances and bath products which historically were favored by Napoleon as well as most of the aristocracy over the last 200 years. Rance has proudly produced FINE BEAUTY soaps since 1795. The family's closely guarded methods and formulas remain unchanged. Today, as in 1795, absolute & NATURAL ingredients, chosen for their freshness and purity are used according to strict traditional Rance formulations. SLIGHT innovations over the years have been incorporated for more ACCURATE analysis and controls, however, the hand made / hand wrapped personal attention to each individual bar of soap is still instituted in the MILANO factory today. Rance's triple milled hand made soaps. ENRICHED with natural extracts and cosmetic oils are pure and neutral, thus suitable for even the most SENSITIVE skin types. The lengthy maturing period strengthens the properties of these beauty SOAPS while the rich and soft lather gently caresses and CLEANS the skin. Rance soaps are COOKED for a total of six days allowing for three separate sittings where the soap formula is allowed to rest as IMPURITIES filter to the bottom and drain. After the third draining period, the soap FORMULA is so pure that no preservative is required or contained in the SOAP. Fragrance is infused into the formula which will last the entire lifetime of the soap. Some choose to also use Rance soaps to scent a room or the Lingerie drawer.

  • Brand Category:

    Rance Soaps

  • Collection:

    The Man Collection

  • Fragrance Note: Sandalwood
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