Finest Linari Room Fragrances & Perfumes Collection.
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Linari, a symbiosis between modern design and luxurious fragrance, satiates the senses. Constant innovation, not only in fragrances but also design remains the company's strength. Designed by Rainer Diersche, a German-born Industrial designer, each product appears timeless. Innovative and exquisite, Linari 's inspiration draws on vast knowledge of fine fragrances. Combined with contemporary product design, Linari is unique and inimitable.

Focused on creating exceptional masterpieces, Linari uses exclusive materials of high quality for manufacturing. A passion for originality and an eye for detail lead to premium products. The fragrance Flacons made from beautiful Italian glass uplifts any room- classic or modern. Top of the line tropical plants ensure optimal capillary effect in the Evaporating sticks. Showcased in many international as well as domestic magazines like Prestige, Top Magazine, and Kosmetik, Linari enjoys a niche space in the world of room fragrances.

Linari's range of products is available in 12 elegant aromas. Created using the finest raw materials under the close supervision of top international perfumers. The Linari line is ideal for those who enjoy luxury and value aesthetics and beauty as a necessity.

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