Linari Oceano Room Diffuser Refill 500ml/16.9oz - Buy Linari Diffusers
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Linari Oceano Room Diffuser Refill 500ml/16.9oz
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Linari Oceano Room Diffuser Refill 500ml/16.9oz



The Linari Oceano fragrance introduces an incredible burst of uplifting and cheerful citrus. Trailing in its wake is the salty mist of ocean spray. These two notes combine to make a perfect duet. Exquisite notes of iris and tonka bean round off the scent. Let the music play on and let it capture your heart. Linari Oceano room diffusers exude a pleasant aroma appropriate for morning or evenings. The classic scent is not overwhelming which makes it suitable for any space or occasion. The Linari Diffuser refills are available in 500 ml/16.9 oz bottles. The transparent glass bottles have refill logos printed on it. Smooth and polished lid finish the smart look. Each Linari refill bottle comes with fresh set capillary sticks. Linari Oceano diffuser refill bottle is not meant to replace the original flacon.

All refills come with new reeds. The price is $25 less than the cost of the full diffuser.

The LINARI diffusers distribute wonderful pleasant scents which seduce our senses. The evaporating sticks are made of high quality tropical plants and therefore are able to achieve an optimal capillary effect. The development of the fragrance is dependent on the speed at which the capillary sticks absorb the room fragrance. Within 1 - 2 hours of insertion the Eau de Parfum will have been absorbed to the height of the lid. After 5 - 7 days the liquid will have reached its highest level, approximately 10 - 15cm above the wooden lid. In general the life expectancy of LINARI room fragrances is 6 months, however they can last much longer. The evaporation rate, and therefore the average life expectancy is dependent on atmospheric conditions. Low humidity, low air pressure, high temperature or any combination of these conditions may decrease the evaporation time.

  • Brand Category:

    Linari Diffusers

  • Collection:

    Oceano Collection

  • Weight: 16.9 oz
  • Fragrance Note: Ocean, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime
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