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Linari Puro Room Diffuser 500ml/16.9oz
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Linari Puro Room Diffuser 500ml/16.9oz



Linari Puro Room diffuser is our tribute to the adage 'Home Sweet Home'. A brilliant weave of Linari Puro fragrance will make your day bright in a classic style. The soft gleaming aura of vanilla with the liveliness of crisp green notes and lavender. Floral accords in the distance, and a dash of anise feels refreshing as a country breeze. An intoxicating medley of base notes is a pure genius. Musk and amber wrapped in aromatic woody notes topped off with a dash of sweet cinnamon. The serene aura will reduce stress and elevate the mood while creating a pure ambiance. Premium essential oils ensure the longevity and the scent of the diffuser. Linari Puro fragrance is from our decadent velvet line. The finest velvet of glacier gray color covers the flacon. The brushed aluminum surface of the cap and label adds a beautiful contrast to the look. It comes with black evaporating sticks that enhance its appeal. Arrives in a 500 ml bottle and the fragrance lasts for approximately six months. Use the Linari Puro Room Diffuser and feel the difference! This luscious scent will be the life of the party.

The LINARI diffusers distribute wonderful pleasant scents which seduce our senses. The pure shape for the room fragrance flacon with its high class lid appears to be a timeless modern design object of highest quality and beauty. LINARI uses only high quality materials to manufacture these products. The LINARI fragrance flacons are made of exquisite Italian glass. The lid is carved out of solid fine grained maple wood, African wenge wood and zebrano wood and the surface is refined. Through the natural wood texture every lid is unique. The luxurious textile labels are manufactured out of finest premium satin and mikrosilk. The evaporating sticks are made of high quality tropical plants and therefore are able to achieve an optimal capillary effect. The development of the fragrance is dependent on the speed at which the capillary sticks absorb the room fragrance. Within 1 - 2 hours of insertion the Eau de Parfum will have been absorbed to the height of the lid. After 5 - 7 days the liquid will have reached its highest level, approximately 10 - 15cm above the wooden lid. In general the life expectancy of LINARI room fragrances is 6 months, however they can last much longer. The evaporation rate, and therefore the average life expectancy is dependent on atmospheric conditions. Low humidity, low air pressure, high temperature or any combination of these conditions may decrease the evaporation time.

  • Brand Category:

    Linari Diffusers

  • Collection:

    Puro Collection

  • Weight: 16.9 oz
  • Fragrance Note: Vanilla, Green Note, Tangerine, Bergamot
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