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Linari Natale Room Diffuser Refill 16.9oz
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Linari Natale Room Diffuser Refill 16.9oz



Conjure up Christmas in a bottlewith our Linari Natale series.Enjoy the warm and sweet scent of a crackling fire thats custom made for snuggling up under a blanket. Reminisce the sweet smell of Christmas pomanderswafting in the air. Dashes of vanilla and cinnamon in the decadent desserts..pure indulgence. Linari Natale might as well be named "Essence of Christmas", such is the lushand festive scent. It exudes a warm, spicy scent of cinnamon and clove, balanced by refreshing orange. Bourbon vanilla in the base reinfuses the Christmas flavor. Create the ambiance for making Christmas memories that last a lifetime.Linari Natale room diffuser refill comes in 500 ml/16.9 oz bottles.Each Linari refill comes with a new set of capillary sticks. Replenish the oil and replace with the new sticks to enhance the fragrance. The glass bottle has chic refill logos of different sizes printed on it.


  • Brand Category:

    Linari Diffusers

  • Collection:

    Natale Collection

  • Weight: 16.9oz
  • Fragrance Note: Almond, Orange
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