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SaleDayna Decker Botanika Manzanita Candle 6oz
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Dayna Decker Botanika Manzanita Candle 6oz


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In All DayNa Decker Candles, the influence of fresh botanicals yields the most serene intentions and profound effects. Celebrating the beauty of nature as a true inspiration. Enveloped in multisensory luxury, the mesmerizing flame dances and flickers, as compelling infusions of aroma lusciously adorns the organic EcoWood Wick radiating a soft, crackling effervescence captivating your every sense. Indulge yourself in the splendor of simplicity, sensation, style and serenity

What is the wax made of? The wax in DayNa Decker Botanika Candles is made from a natural blend of oils and resins and is designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible. The burn time averages 20-25 hours for the 3oz size, 40 hours for the 6oz size and 80-100 hours for the 16oz size. What is the wick made of? The EcoWood Wick� is the revolutionary component to the DayNa Decker Botanika Candle. Made from oorganic wood via a natural manufacturing process , the EcoWood Wick� burns cleaner than an ordinary cotton wick. When lit, it displays an intriguing ""teardrop"" shaped flame and emits a soothing crackling sound. How do you maintain the wick? Trim the wick after each burn cycle after the wax is firm and cooled. To trim, simply use your fingers to snap off and remove the burnt top of the wick. the wick should be trimmed to approximately 1/8th inch above wax. It is best not to move the wick while the wax is burning or soft as this may affect the function of the wick.

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