Dayna Decker Botanika Amara Essence Diffuser REFILL
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SaleDayna Decker Botanika Amara Essence Diffuser Refill 16oz
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Dayna Decker Botanika Amara Essence Diffuser Refill 16oz


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REFILL - 16oz Refill With New Reeds

DayNa Decker Diffusers Naturally Chic. A fresh, modern, hand blown, green, vessel that mirrors nature. Filled with signature botanical oils created to complement the existing Botanika collection. Each vessel is packed with twenty light wood reed sticks that emit of complex notes and intense olfactory indulgences enhancing an environment. All of this comes packaged in a box with bold, graphic images of flowers that entice and seduce your senses.

Does the DayNa Decker fragrance get stronger when in use? Each fragrance is comprised of base, middle and top notes and is designed to reach its full potential while in use. Diffuser oil is generously fragranced with 10-20% complex fragrance notes compared to an industry standard of 5-10%. How do you maintain the DayNa Decker diffuser? The Essence Diffusers are easy to maintain, last for up to 6-8 months and release a throw of 500-1,000 square feet. To maintain the diffuser , simply pour half of the 16oz diffuser oil into the vessel. Place the reed sticks in the vessel and let them soak up the oil for a couple of hours and then flip the sticks. Refresh the fragrance every two weeks by simply flipping the sticks.

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