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February 14th
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Archipelago Luxury Soy Candle Set
AB Home-6 Mini Candles - 18 Hours Each
Thymes Kimona Rose Valentine's Day
Gift Basket
Soap, Hand Creme, Hand Wash, candle
Hand Lotion, Balloon , Kisses
Gift Basket Sweepstakes
Thymes Goldleaf Sweepstakes
2 Goldleaf Gift Baskets Will Be Given Away in February 2014.
Click Picture for Entry Rules

Qty:  $98 
Hervé Gambs-What is Hervé Gambs all about? Premium artificial flowers… or rather “designer flowers, since everything is handmade”.  Although the fabric comes from China – “that’s where the expertise is” – the assembly and mounting are all done in his workshop in France.
This former interior designer is revolutionizing the tacky world of artificial flowers with his “contemporary plant design”.
His flagship product is the Love Couture: a glass cube topped by a flower to which you add your own choice of fragrance and create your own ambiance.

Hervé Gambs - Red Rose Gift Box
With White Glass Vase
Herve Gambs Rose Gift Box includes a Red Rose
Couture Flower Diffuser & 10ml Herbe Intense
Home Fragrance Spray, all in a precious gift box.
Flower Diffusers May Be Scented With
Any Of The Sprays!
This Gift Set Comes With 10ml Herbe Intense!
Hervé Gambs - Herbe Intense
Fresh Grass Candle-Made in Paris
Approx 50+ Hour Burn - 6.7oz
Vegetal Wax-Cotton Wick
See Also Noir de Cassis & Essence de Figuir
NESTI DANTE ITALIAN SOAPS are made with love and care by Nesti Dante in Florence, Italy. Pure vegetable natural soap with active and organic ingredients, proteins made with handcrafted method of saponification. Luxurious, handcrafted soaps inspired by the beautiful region of Florence - made with enchanting perfumes from the hills of Tuscany - beautifully packaged in elegant Florentine style paper.

Nesti Dante - Il Frutteto
Tuscan Fruit Soaps With Olive Oil
8.8oz - 250g Natural Bar Soaps
Citron & Bergamot
Peach & Melon
Pomegranate & Blackcurrant
Red Grapes & Blueberry
Olive & Tangerine
Fig & Almond Milk
Nesti Dante - Chic Animalier
Extreme Luxury For Oneself
8.8oz - 250g Natural Bar Soaps
Bronze (Leopard)
Red (Python)
White (Tiger)



Nesti Dante - Philosophia
Richness, Glamour & Symphonic Associations
8.8oz - 250g Natural Bar Soaps
Breeze-Citrus Peel, Red Basil, Lime
Collagen-Blue Azalea, Ambrosia, Starfruit
Cream-Rosewood, Birch Black Iris
Detox-Winter Daphne, White Lotus, Echinacea
Lift-Cherry Blossom, Osmanthus, Geranium
Scrub-Mediterranean Plum, Persimmon, Amber
Nest Frangrances
Nest Fine Fragrance Collection
Nest PASSION Scented Candle
8.1oz  - Approx Burn 50 Hrs
PASSION combines the essences of blooming peony
and dewy garden roses with warm sandalwood and
a hint of flowering pittosporum, Evelyn Lauder’s beloved
fragrance note. Evelyn lauder - Founder of The Breast
Cancer Research Foundation.
Nest White Narcisse Classic Candle
8.1oz  - Approx Burn 60 Hrs
Housed in a fine, handmade porcelain container featuring an elegantly sculpted floral design that  illuminates as the candle burns down and can be reused once the wax has been consumed.
Rance Soaps & Perfumes (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Rance Soap - triple milled hand made soaps ENRICHED with natural extracts and cosmetic oils are pure and neutral, thus suitable for even the most SENSITIVE skin types. The lengthy maturing period strengthens the properties of these beauty SOAPS while the rich and soft lather gently caresses and CLEANS the skin.
Rance Soaps
Selection of 30 Soap Fragrances
Rance RNC Collection
Six Colognes With Matching Soaps
Rance Josephine
Eau de Parfum 3.4floz / 1.7floz
Available in 2 Sizes
Rance Helene Perfume
Matching Soap
(Most Perfumes Have Matching Soaps)
Rance Eugenie Perfume
(To EUGENIE the most beautiful and charming wife of Napoleon III)
Eau de Parfum 1.7floz. / Eau de Parfum 3.4floz
Rance Laetitia Parfum (Napoleon's Mother)
Eau de Parfum 1.7floz. / Eau de Parfum 3.4floz

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Rance Soaps
Rance Soaps-Acqua Di Colonia
Perfect For Men
Rance Le Vainqueur (Napoleon) - For Men
"The Vanquisher, The Conqueror"
Rance Soaps -L'Homme-For Men
Rance Triomphe Parfum (Napoleon's Triumph) - For Men
Rance Francois Charles (Napoleon's Only Son) - For Men
Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl oz.
Rance Le Vainqueur (Napoleon)  For Men
"The Vanquisher, The Conqueror"
Eau de Parfum 3.4 fl oz.

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Lady Primrose Gift Sets (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Lady Primrose creates the finest products in bath, body and home fragrance. Rich lotions, luxurious bath gels and  fragrant dusting powders are presented in exceptional refillable and reusable containers – bringing beauty to you and your home.
We Carry Lady Primrose's Best Sellers !
Lady Primrose Tryst Eau de Parfum Mist
Necture Eau de Parfum Mist
Tryst Eau de Parfum Mist in Jeweled Bottle
Royal Extract Dusting Silk Shaker and
Brush Set In Royal Garden Gift Box
A sweet blend of golden honey and Royal Jelly,
packed in a box inspired by
London's Royal Botanic Gardens
(If Sold Separately-$84 Value)
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Lady Primrose Tryst Diamond Dusting Silk in Shaker Lady Primrose Royal Extract Body Creme, Engraveable Lid
Tryst Diamond Dusting Silk In Shaker
Royal Extract Body Creme, Engraveable Lid
Tryst Parfum Mist, Skin Moisturizer,
& Bathing Gel
Full Sizes - Value $112
Available in All Fragrances

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Lady Primrose Tryst Diamond Dusting Silk-Refill
TR45-Lady Primrose Tryst Sugar Castor
8 inches, With 3oz Dusting Silk
Special Price With Extra 4oz Dusting Silk
Tryst Diamond Dusting Silk-Refill - 4oz
Tryst Tall Pedestal Candle - 5oz / 7 1/4" x 3.25"
TR56 - With Napkin Ring Bands
Open For Choices
On Sale $39.97
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Tryst Crystal Powder Jar
TR19 - New Packaging
Royal Extract Crystal Powder Jar With Puff - 1oz
Shimmering Dusting Silk
Cream Soaps in Royal Garden Gift Box 
Three 3oz Soaps In Box
Inspired by London's Royal Botanic Gardens
Delicious essence of orange blossoms
for a fresh, light scent.
(Not Royal Extract Fragrance)
On Sale $51.97
On Sale $51.97
Manuel Canovas Candles - Fragrance for The Home - Made In France
Free Shipping $70 and Over on Manuel Canovas
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Brune et d'Or Large Candle
6.6oz - Approx 60 Hours
Empire Celeste Large Candle
6.6oz - Approx 60 Hours
Palais d'Eté Large Candle
6.6oz - Approx 60 Hours
Belle Fleur- Connecting to the raw natural ingredients has always been a key philosophy at Belle Fleur. Essential oils are the most important component of any fragrance and quality is paramount.
Belle Fleur Nazará
Limited Edition Holiday Candle
Seville Orange, Golden Honey Accord
7.5oz Burn Time approx 50 Hours
Belle Fleur Pétales d'Amour
Radiant & Ethereal
Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Black Currant,
Green Apple, Jasmine, Fig & Sandalwood
7.5oz Burn Time 50-55 Hours
Belle Fleur Mayan Tuberose
Seductive & Carnal
Tuberose, Gardenia & Ylang Ylang
Warmed With Amber Vanilla
7.5oz Burn Time 45-50 Hours



Antica Framacista - The Art of Fragrance: Luxury and Indulgence for the Home and Body
Free Shipping $30 and Over on Antica Farmacista
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Antica Farmacista 
Hand Wash Pump-10oz
Body Moisturizer Pump- 10oz
Rectangular Nickel Plated Counter Tray
Antica Farmacista 
Prosecco Refillable Crystal Candle Holder
With One -5oz Pillar
Refills Available - Click Here
Antica Farmacista Gift Set-Prosecco
Limited Edition - Value $124
Home Ambiance Diffuser-250ml
9oz (50 Hr) Prosecco Poured Candle
Nickel Plated Counter Tray
Presented In a Beautiful Gift Box With Diffuser Reeds Tucked Into Inside of Cover

 AFP23  Value $124
Mistral Soaps
Free Shipping $35 and Over on Mistral Soaps
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):

Mistral French Vegetable Soaps
Four 7oz Soaps of your choice in a
Mistral Colored Circle Gift Box.
Choose Your Own Selection!
Mistral Men's Gift Box of all 4 Luxury Soaps
Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine, Citrus Woods & Sandalwood Bamboo 
8.8oz / 250g. ea
Mistral Men's Cologne 3.4oz / 100ml
Cedarwood Marine or
Black Amber
Nest Candles & Fragrances
Free Shipping $50 and Over on Nest Fragrances
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):

Nest Beach Candle Nest Bamboo Collection Nest Grapefruit Collection
Olivina ingredients are based on a host of botanicals that for centuries have proven beneficial to the skin—extracts from olive oil, grapes and grape seeds. OLIVINA NAPA VALLEY'S pampering body care collection both moisturizes and soothes with lovely Mediterranean scents...
Body Butter & Hand Creme Gift Set
Honeysuckle Rose
7oz Body Butter Jar & 2.5oz Hand Creme Tube
$54 Value
OL40 - Scented Soy Candle
Honeysuckle Rose 8.5oz
OL38 - Soap In Gift Box
Honeysuckle Rose 8oz
Sale $39.97 
Juliette Has A Gun - From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sydney... Juliette intrigues the world. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearian heroine goes wild. Life is too short, and pleasures too many, says Juliette. The gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. And sometimes with a taste for revenge...
But the concept is also influenced by romanticism. A modern version, where reinventing couple and femininity is a constant quest.

Juliette has A Gun - Romantina
A Rechargeable Purse Fragrance In
The Shape of a Bullet
Click Here for You Tube Video
Juliette Has A Gun - 100ml & 50ml Spray Bottle
   Mad Madame - Beautiful Gift Box-
Juliette Has A Gun - 100ml or 50ml Spray Bottle
Miss Charming - Beautiful Gift Box
  Choice of
                  Bullet or Refill
CUCINA - From Italy to your kitchen, these hand care and cleaning products will appeal to your inner epicure.
Free Shipping $60 and Over on Cucina Products
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Liquid Hand Soap 6.7oz / Hand Cream 5oz-Duo
Coriander & Olive Tree
Bistro Gift Set With Liquid Hand Soap &
Regenerating Hand Cream Pumps
Lime Zest & Cypress - 6.7oz each
Great Hostess Gift
Cucina Sanguinelli Orange & Fennel
A delectable fusion of sanguinelli orange and fennel makes this fragrance subtle yet fresh.
Its sweet bouquet of orange mingles with fresh,
green fennel notes atop a musky base.
Click Pictures For Full Selection


TOCCA BEAUTY TOCCA ( Italian For "Touch") Beauty continues to be renowned worldwide as a fragrance house of distinctive and exquisite scents. The perfumers develop scents that are reminiscent of bygone times and familiar places yet infused with the unexpected, creating something altogether fresh and new.
Free Shipping $35 and Over on Tocca Products
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Tocca Eau de Parfum Miniature Spray Vials
"Meet The Girls"     10 X 1.5 ml
Cleopatra, Florence, Stella, Brigitte, Giulietta, Bianca,
Colette, Violette, Liliana & Graciella
Tocca Eau de Parfum Gift Set-Viaggio
3 X 0.5 fl oz
Cleopatra, Florence & Stella
Tocca Eau de Parfum Gift Set-Viaggio
3 X 0.5 fl oz
Margaux, Liliana & Florence
Jack Black - Man Focused, No Frills, Trustworthy - built with integrity; formulas are fragrance-free, colorant-free, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested. Many are PureScience™ Formulas, formulated without paraben-based preservatives and packed with healing herbs and certified organic ingredients.

Jack Black Beard Lube
Conditioning Shave - 6oz Tube
Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub
6oz Tube
Jack Black All-Over-Wash - Organic
For Face, Hair & Body
With Wheat Protein & Panthenol
Sulfate Free - Paraben Free
6oz Tube
 JBL20    Only 5 Left
 JBL13   Only 5 Left
 JBL33   Only 3 Left
DayNa Decker Candles (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Style visionary and trendsetting innovator, DayNa Decker infuses daily life experiences with inimitable designs of modern sensuality. Her ingenious eye for seductive luxury and decadent sophistication was developed through years of international travel as a Ford model immersed in the worlds of fashion, art and culture. Born into a family of entrepreneurs from the design and wellness industries, her creative expression and savvy business sense run through her veins. With an obsession for originality and perfection, her innovations reveal the most pure, most modern and most provocative multisensory products showcased. Daring and exceptional in her vision and drive, DayNa is one of few designers who attain the elusive ambition of truly melding wellness, elegance and function seamlessly.
Atelier Chandel 12oz / 355ml
Dalia Absinthe
(Same as Flora Dahlia)
Limited Time Sale
Atelier Chandel 12oz / 355ml
Tuberose Musc
Limited Time Sale
Atelier Diffuser 7oz / 207ml
Tuberose Musc
Limited Time Sale
  DDA10   $64
  On Sale $45
  DDA11   $64
  On Sale $45
  DDA14   $98
  On Sale $79.97
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Claus Porto Soaps (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
Each bar starts with top quality 100% vegetable soap base and pure, skin softening shea butter. Next, the finest fragrances from the south of France are mixed in so that the scent lasts until the very end of the bar. All of these ingredients are then milled 7 times in the traditional European way for a hard, dense soap that has a luxurious and creamy lather.
Click For Full Description
Lafco Home Candle Collectio
The Lafco House & Home Candle Collection has been designed to complement the ambiance and decor of each room in your home.


Claus Porto Hand Soap Gift Box
Ilyria (Honeysuckle), Alface (Almond), Condessa (Wild Pansy), Voga (Acacia Tuberose) and Banho (Citrus Verbena)- 5.28oz each


Claus Porto Madrigal
Valentine's Day Gift Basket
Large Soap
Hand/Body Lotion
Hersheys Kisses



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House & Home Collection
Click Picture For Selection
Claus Porto Soaps-Red Gift Box of 12
(Selection of 12 mini- 1.8oz Travel Bars)
Click Picture For Description
House & Home Colllection
Click Picture For Selection
Click Pictures of Holiday Gifts For Full Selection
Claus Porto Gift Sets
Large Assortment
Claus Porto Body Wash & Moisturizer Duo
PRICED TO TRY!!! - Choose Your Fragrance
Value $60.00
Claus Porto Deco Large Bar Collection
Click Picture For Selection
 ▲  $53.00
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Shelley Kyle Perfumes (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
In A World Full of Sameness, Experience the Complex and Unforgettable Fragrance Collections Created by Shelley Kyle.
Amidst her travels through Europe, Shelley Kyle became enamored with the beautiful gardens of France and Italy. The tranquility found in them, and their century old use in French beautification, were truly inspiring. Shelley Kyle sought to combine the healing properties of the garden into a quiet, private sanctuary that could be brought into the home. The Shelley Kyle Collection was created to transform your beauty and bathing ritual into a luxurious, nurturing experience.
Shelley Kyle Perfume 2 oz Tiramani
Personal Gift Set- Tiramani - NEW!!
2oz Amenity Size Hydrating Lotion, Shower Gel & Deep Cave Bath Salts
1 oz Tiramani Parfum
Candle in Travel Tin
5.2oz French Milled Soap
Complete Gift Set-Shelley Kyle-Tiramani
2oz Parfum
8oz Hydrating Body Lotion
8oz Foaming Bath Gel
Retail Value Over $110
Large Parfum Atomizer (New Packaging)
Shelley Kyle - Tiramani 2 oz

On Sale $59.97

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The Thymes Collection-Free Shipping $50 and Over (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
The Thymes Philosophy begins with botanical sources whenever possible. Favors vegetable oils instead of petroleum-derived oils and essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. If, however, using natural ingredients puts Earth's resources at risk, they seek a synthetic alternative that offers comparable benefits.
The Thymes Limited does not test products on animals. They guarantee the safety of their products by using ingredients that have been used reliably for many years. They also ensure the safety of their products by using effective amounts of preservatives commonly used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms. These preservatives are non-toxic and non-irritating, helping to safeguard the quality of the products you buy.  Artistically inspired and founded in nature, Thymes brings into being products of uncommon character. Beneficial, high-performance formulations, with the scentscapes that make Thymes fragrances so extraordinary.

GLF24-Goldleaf Eau de Parfum 1.5oz
Special Filigree Gift Set
3.25oz Parfum & 9.25oz Body Wash
Special Price
GLF31-Goldleaf Gift Set
Brand NEW Goldleaf Gift Set! Contains One
Foaming Bath Envelope, One Votive Candle and
One 2.5oz Hand Creme Tube in a Beautiful Gift
Box Tied With a Bow On Top -
Perfect For Gift Giving!
Qty:  $48.00 
Qty:  FIL15
Qty:  $28  
On Sale $26

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Rigaud Candles (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
RIGAUD is the environmental fragrance par excellence, known worldwide and appreciated by connoisseurs such as the Prince of Wales, Julia Roberts, Liz Taylor, Elton John, Donnatella Versace,Aaron Spelling, Carly Simon, Julie Andrews, and the late Frank Sinatra. The White House became a place filled with the wonderful Rigaud Cypres candle, as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy brought them into the world of JFK.  We Carry Rigaud's Best Sellers !

Rigaud Candle Gardenia-Click Rigaud Picture For Full Description

Rigaud Candle- Standard
Reine de la Nuit - Queen of the Night
Approx 65 Hours - 7.4oz
Rigaud Candle- Gardenia
Approx 65 Hours - 7.4oz
Rigaud Candle- Rose (Santifolia)
Approx 65 Hours - 7.4oz
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Voluspa Gift Sets (Click Pictures For Full Selection):
MeaningVoluspa means bringer of wisdom or goddess of wisdom in tales of ancient Scandinavian lore. this may explain why Voluspa is in all the finest stores and periodicals throughout Scandanavia. 
Company philosophy
to produce the finest burning candle and most innovative fragrance concepts in the industry, using creative complex scents blended with fresh unique design.
Click For Full Description
Voluspa Floraison 6 Candle Gold Box
Deluxe Gift Set
Vermeil 6 Candle Decorative Gift Set
3oz / 85g Each
Voluspa Maison Blanc 8 Candle Gift Set
Eight 1.7oz Petite Votive Jars
Approx 15 Hour Burn Time Each
   1 Left
On Sale $42.00
Kama Sutra Honey Dust & Love Essentials
Kama Sutra Honey Dust
Kama Sutra Love Essentials
Kama Sutra Oil of Love




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Pre de Provence Natural Soaps
Heart Shaped Soaps Gift Box
Shea Butter Enriched - 100g Each
Two Camelia and Two Tea Rose Soaps
Heart Shaped Soaps Gift Box
Shea Butter Enriched - 100g Each
4 Lavender Blossom Soaps
Argan Oil Assortment
Priced to Try!
Body Butter
Moisturizing Soap
.5oz/15ml Argan Oil
Hydrating Body Scrub
Value $64.00
Florale Soaps Gift Box  NEW!
3 x 150g 
Peony, Lavender & Moondance
Heart Shaped Soaps Gift Box
Shea Butter Enriched - 25g Each
Two Camelia and Two Tea Rose Soaps
Heart Shaped Soaps Gift Box
Shea Butter Enriched - 25g Each
4 X Lavender

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Speziali Fiorentini - Made In Italy By Derbe of Florence
Free Shipping $50 and Over on Speziali Fiorentini
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):

Speziali Fiorentini
White Tea
The beneficial properties of white tea have been known
and appreciated since ancient times. White tea tones,
protects, imparts vigour and beauty to all skin types.
A fluid cream with an assertive and intense fragrance
suitable for both men and women.
Speziali Fiorentini
The delicacy of the rose combined with the more incisive
aroma of the blackberry creates an intense and persistent



Speziali Fiorentini
Made in Italy by Speziali Fiorentini, their newest fragrance
is called Sandalwood, Licorice & Mandarin



Seda France - Seda France Candles was launched in 2001, but their inspiration springs from the classic French design element that is over 200 years old. The packaging of Seda France candles is so charming, they don't even need gift wrapping -- Oprah
Free Shipping $70 and Over on Seda France
(Click Pictures For Full Selection):

Classic Toile 88oz Candle
Japanese Quince Holiday-SED47
Rhubarb, Passion Fruit, Peach & White Jasmine
160 Hour Approx Burn - 4 Wick Candle


Classic Toile Gift Set
French Tulip-SED24
One 14oz Pagoda Box Candle and Three Travel Tin Candles
Elegant Gift Packaging
Classic Toile Reed Diffuser Set
Japanese Quince-SED30
Rhubarb, Passion fruit, White Fleshed
Peach & White Jasmine Petals.


  On Sale $119.97
  Sale $42.95
AVANT GARDE is a jewelry design company that holds an uncanny knack for capturing designs that combine class with cutting edge. Avant Garde is known for its unique and artistic French flair  and is one of the most respected names in upscale jewelry design.
These are limited edition pieces hand made in  France and the US. The design team has 15 years of experience in the jewelry industry. BOLD is the theme of these stand alone works of art.
Click Jewelry Pictures For Full Description
PIEB  $109 Silver/Pewter
Coin Bracelet
Heavy Double Link With Coin
Matching Necklace
CHRN  $199 Cherie Necklace
Silver / Pewter With Smoke & Black Swarovski Crystals
HEMN  $175  Hema Necklace
Silver / Pewter
Large Swarovski Smoke Crystal
Smaller Swarovski Multi-Faceted Crystal


Rodrigo Otazu is the featured designer whose jewelry adorns the stars
 in Sex and the City and the City 2!


Stylish Stretch Rings, an original by Kelly Colleen, have become a fast-growing phenomenon. Because of the versatility of the ring, it makes a great gift. You don't need to know what size to buy because one size fits most. Also, since the ring is stretch, anyone with swelling problems (pregnant, arthritis, etc), can wear the ring comfortably. The band is made entirely of Sterling Silver anClick For This Month's Promotionsd is offerred in many choices for center stones.
Swarovski Pearl Stylish
Stretch Ring
Light Pink
With Swarovski Crystal Collars
Swarovski Crystal Stylish Stretch Ring
With Swarovski Crystal Collars
Sterling Silver 2 Tone Stylish
Stretch Ring
With Swarovski Crystal Collars


St Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day as it is popularly known today is an annual event celebrated all over the world on February 14. The day celebrates love and affection between couples and is also considered as the most popular day to express your feelings to the one you love. Interestingly the age old tradition of men proposing their beloved is reversed during the leap year as girls get the privilege of proposing their love.

Valentine’s Day History

The pagans did it first – at the Feast of Lupercal to honour the Roman God of Fertility. In the finest of Roman(tic) traditions, on the eve of Lupercalia (14th of Feb), a young Roman drew the name of a girl from a pile of names and that girl was favored with his attention and became his sweetheart for one whole year! And so it began...... the flame of true love that burned all year long!

Christianity added a religious angle when an early Christian, Valentine defied Emperor Claudius the Second’s royal edict decreeing his soldiers remain bachelors – footloose and fancy free. Valentine went right ahead and secretly performed engagement/marriage ceremonies – his disobedience cost him his life but elevated him to sainthood. Christian priests renamed Lupercalia (the day Val lost his head) St. Valentine’s Day – and lovers appropriated it for themselves as their special day (to lose their heads)!

Sending love notes on Val’s Day happened later – Charles (Duke of Orleans not Prince of Wales) penned passionate verse to his beloved from his cell in the Tower of London thus establishing a historic precedent for pining lovers everywhere. By 1840, smart sales executives cottoned on to the enormous potential of Valentine Day cards and tapped the market for all its worth!