Comptoir Sud Pacifique

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From New York to Sydney, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, Comptoire Sud Pacifique fragrances traveled in the vanity cases of stars. Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica & Ashley Simpson, Fergie, Shakira, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Demi Moore, Claudia Schiffer, Cher and more...

Comptoir Sud Pacifique, founded in 1976, continues to thrive on the passion for colors and island-inspired scents. Seduced by the wonders of far-away worlds, the creators developed a line of scents which offer an essence of paradise through their fragrances, colors and ingredients. Inspired by the South Seas and the vanilla-infused yellow gold of orchids, Comptoir Sud Pacifique provides Tahitian vanilla and other vacation-inspired scents to tempt the senses and remind us of days spent in paradise. Comptoir Sud Pacifique translates to “a collection of ingredients from the South Pacific."

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Vanille-Abricot Glass Bottle EDT The #1 best seller since it was introduced in 1992. Hugely popular for women of all ages. Adored by men everywhere. #1 celebrity favorite.  The delicious scent of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp sprinkled with vanilla and sugar candy. New look in Silver Varnished Bottle. Fun Facts! Celebrity fans: Vanessa Hudgens, Fergie, Jessica & Ashley Simpson, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Brittany Murphy, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Amanda Bynes.
Vanille Abricot
A Candy Sweet Vanilla Fragrance


Fresh, sexy, warm and delicious… Vanille Abricot has been Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s best-seller and a cult favorite for over a decade. Inspired by the vanilla-infused yellow gold orchids and rich exotic fruits, Vanille Abricot transports the sunny euphoric feelings of paradise into our daily lives.

Head Note : Jackfruit, Abricot
Heart Note : Papaya
Base Note : Sugar Candy, Vanilla Pod
Sud Pacifique- Vanille Abricot 30ml
Sud Pacifique- Vanille Abricot 100ml  
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Aqua Motu
Aqua Motu
A Sweet Aquatic Fragrance


Light, clean and breezy. Fresh ocean breezes coming from the high seas blended with invigorating marine notes and a caressing note of warm sand.
Head Note : Helychrisum
Middle Note : Marine Notes, Lily of the Valley, Warm Sand
Base Note: Kelp


Sud Pacifique- Aqua Motu 30ml Sud Pacifique- Aqua Motu 100ml  


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Vanille Extreme - A Pure Vanilla Which Smells Like Cupcakes
Tahitian vanilla like you've never experienced is your treat with Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme.
More intense, this Vanille scent is sweet, warm, and spicy.
Head Note : Vanilla Pod        Heart Note : Vanilla Pod        Base Note : Vanilla Pod
Sud Pacifique- Vanille Extreme 30ml

Sud Pacifique- Vanille Extreme 50ml

Sud Pacifique- Vanille Extreme 100ml
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Vanille Coco
Vanille Coco
A Sweet Concoction of
Vanilla & Coconut


A gentle, warm and sweet breeze strokes paradisiacal islands and offers dream scents: vanilla from Tahiti, coco milk, heliotrope for a beautiful exotic escape
Head Note : Heliotrope
Heart Note : Coconut Milk
Base Note : Vanilla Pod from Tahiti
Sud Pacifique- Vanille Coco 30ml Sud Pacifique- Vanille Coco 100ml  
 SUD14  $32 
  On Sale $29
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Mora Bella
Mora Bella
A Delicious Association
of Greedy & Juicy Fruits
With Tropical Flowers


A delicious association of greedy and juicy fruits
with tropical flowers resting on a comfortable
background of sandalwood and musk.
Head Note : Pomegranate, Begamot, Lemon
Heart Note : Raspberry, Blackberry, Jasmine,
Marvel of Peru
Base Note : Sandalwood, Musk
Sud Pacifique- Mora Bella 30ml    
 SUD23  $32 
  On Sale $27
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Sud Pacifique Body Creams
Sud Pacifique Body Cream
Vanille Abricot 200ml
Sud Pacifique Body Cream
Vanille Extreme 200ml
Sud Pacifique Body Cream
Aqua Motu 200ml
 SUD22  $32 
  On Sale $28
 SUD20  $32 
  On Sale $28
 SUD21  $32 
  On Sale $28
Costume National Pop Collection -
A new women’s fragrance in a very chic way, a fragrance that is contained in bottles of different colors.
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The new fragrance Pop Collection delivers the chords of pink grape and raspberry pulp in the top notes, together with the black currant absolute that gives a bitter and energetic impulse to the composition.

The heart beats with floral notes of jasmine and rose, which emphasize femininity and elegance of the edition. The trace of patchouli, cashmeran and ambergris lingers in the base notes.



The fragrance is presented in four bottles, each of a different colour. You will never know which colour bottle you are buying, because the outer packaging is all white apart from four small squares of colour which hint at the contents.

All is revealed once you open the box and discover your colour. Highly collectible therefore, not only for the addictive fragrance but for the drama of the packaging. POP is the first in a series of fragrances inspired by Ennio’s limitless artistic creativity. What will be next?




In 1974 Pierre and Josee Fournier took their first trip to the islands of Polynesia. That first trip stayed with them and inspired them to create a new type of fragrant collection. Comptoir Sud Pacique (scents of the South Pacific) has established itself as the brand that can take you away on an exotic journey and awaken memories of trips to faraway islands.